M1A-Series Euro-Style Electric release with adjustable jaw

Euro-Style Release 12V DC or AC operation with adjustable jaw – available in Fail-Secure and Fail-Safe versions

 A popular choice for use with Door Entry Systems. Simple to fit and suitable for most timber frames.
  • Euro Style Release
  • Fail-Secure and Fail-Safe versions available (see descriptions below)
  • Mortice or surface installation
  • Adjustable Jaw
  • Voltage: 12V DC or AC
  • Current: M1AL (fail-secure) version:1.1A, M1UA (fail-safe) version: 250 mA
  • Includes suppression
Fail-Secure Operation
The release is in a locked state without power.  When the system applies power to the release it will unlock.  This ensures that, in the event of power failure, the release will stay locked to ensure no degradation of security – and so make its operation “secure”. This version is often chosen for door entry systems where the door latch can be operated as normal to allow egress.
Fail-Safe Operation
The release is unlocked when there is no power. The system needs to apply constant power to the release to put it into its locked state – and momentarily disrupt power when access is desired. This ensures that, in the event of power failure, the release will unlock to allow access / egress e.g. building evacuation – and so make its operation “safe”.
Please note that this “fail-safe” version is suitable for use with AC current only due to the construction of the operating solenoid.
Please select the version you require when ordering.

Product Specifications

Weight 500 g
Connection type

Terminal connection


Fail-Secure – locked without power, Fail-Safe – unlocked without power

Power Requirement



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