SR1-SHR-1500GM Glass mount kit for SR1-SHR-1500 series of shear maglocks

This kit consists of two “saddles” and fixings for fitting to the top of the glass door and to the glass frame to provide a suitable surface for installation of a surface-mount kit that will hold the lock and armature-plate (lock, armature-plate and surface-mount kit not included).

Please note: this kit facilitates affixing to the glass surfaces only – you will still require a surface-mounting kit to accommodate the lock & armature-plate that in turn is fitted to the glass-mounted saddles.? A suitable surface-mount kit is the SR1-SHR-1500SH available from Smart R.

  • Adjustable from 14mm down to 10mm
  • Satin anodised aluminium (SAA) finish
  • Dimensions: 182mm x 48mm

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