GEM GS705-30 Shear Lock, Slim Style, Holding Force up to 2000Lb (907Kg)

Shear locks offer totally concealed mechanism and are designed for applications where the door swings up to a 180 degree. When the shear lock detects the door in the closed position, the magnet “sucks” the armature plate up and traps the armature plate in the lock frame. Generally a 2 -3 mm gap between the top of the door and the frame is optimum for the electromagnet to attract the armature plate and keep the door locked.

The built-in bond sensor indicates proper armature contact, and eliminates potential lock misalignment before the magnet is permitted to energise.

  • Suitable for narrow frames, double swing doors and glass doors
  • Fail-safe
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Surface/Mortice/Semi-Mortice mounted
  • Adjustable armature screws for wide door gaps
  • Special push-off device on armature ensures no residual magnetism
  • Magnetic bond sensor monitor output remotely monitors the door lock or unlock status (SPDT normally-open contact closes when door opened)

12 to 24 VDC operation.  Pull-in current 1.8A, holding current 0.45A at 12VDC.

Product Specifications

Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 267 × 30 × 34 mm


Power Requirement

12VDC to 24VDC

Connection type

Terminal connection

SKU SR1-SHR-270030

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