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Cansec SmartLock Pro Networked Access Control System
A simple, dependable system offering rigorous security, quick access and easy management. Dynamic software, real-time communications and far-reaching compatibility with a range of readers, credentials and other products are just the beginning of this system?s versatility. 
  • From 1 to 30 Doors
  • Up to 4800 Users
  • 26-Bit Wiegand Compatible
  • FREE SmartLock Pro Software!
 Are you looking for a simple and cost-effective system that doesn’t require a PHD in Rocket Science to manage ? If so, SmartLock Pro has been designed for you. This system is ideal for controlling access from 1 to 30 doors, 4,800 users and is packed with all the features you really need such as time zones, holidays, and audit. With other extremely useful features such as Integrated DVR, Alarms via Email, and Auto User Activation/Deactivation, SmartLock Pro is the ultimate solution for smaller organisations with simple requirements. 
 SmartLock Pro Door Controller
The SmartLock Pro controller supports industry standard 26 Bit Wiegand formats so it can be used with virtually all reader technologies on the market.  This simple yet powerful single-door controller delivers affordable reliability to network access control systems for up to 60 doors and 4,800 users. Highly versatile, it supports proximity, biometric and smart readers in addition to keypads and RF transmitters and receivers. The network of SmartLock controllers work with SmartLock Pro software to provide crucial real-time data to access managers and to grant or deny user access according to programmable parameters. SmartLock controllers are compact in size for ease of installation and control all functions required at each door for a truly scalable solution. Controllers can be mounted in a standard 12 VDC power supply cabinet (see our accessory section for suitable models).
 SmartLock Pro installed in a 2A Power Supply
See how straightforward it is to mount a SmartLock Pro controller into one of our 2 amp power supplies. The picture on the right shows a controller fitted into one of our SR1-PSU-122A power supplies together with a 7Ah-rated sealed lead-acid battery for backup in the event of power failure.  For basic systems it is also possible to fit SmartLock Pro into our smaller SR1-PSU-121A 1 Amp power supply together with a 1.2 Ah battery – do call us for more details.
 Click on image for a larger version.
CLAUSB RS-485 to USB ConverterEach controller is equipped with three Form “C? relay outputs. One to control an Electric Lock, and two additional outputs that can be configured to control a Power Door Operator, and/or provide a means to annunciate Forced Entry/Door Held Open conditions. Inputs are also provided for an Egress Button, a Handicap Button and a Door Contact. When the Door Contact Input is connected, the reader will automatically relock the door once it re-closes. In addition, an audible alert can be generated if the door is held open longer than a specified time. If controlled egress (“Anti-Passback”) is desired, an Exit Reader can be connected that is audited separately.
Card / User Management
Voiding and validating cards is accomplished using SmartLock Pro Software. This intuitive application is so easy to use, it can be mastered by most users with just 30 minutes of instruction. The administrator sets up the cardholder database on the PC utilizing programmable Access Schedules and Access Profiles. The Access Profile defines the readers and time intervals that the user is allowed access. Within each cardholder record, the administrator simply links an Access Profile to the user. For example, a user may be assigned a “Manager? profile which grants access to all readers at all times. When any programming changes are made, they are instantly transmitted to the door controllers. As reader transactions occur, they are automatically transmitted and stored on the PC for viewing at any time.
System Versatility
 SmartLock Pro Software - FREE!
The software also provides the ability to program/deny access during any of the 60 programmable Holidays. An “Unlock Privilege? may also be granted to cardholders on an individual reader basis. This feature allows selected cardholders to maintain doors in an unlocked state by using their card twice in rapid succession. To relock the door, any cardholder with “Unlock Privilege? simply uses their card again twice. The software also provides the ability to issue Unlock, Relock, and Temporary Unlock commands to one or multiple readers simultaneously. Unlock Schedules can be programmed to unlock and relock doors automatically.
“First Man In? feature
The “First Man In? feature can also be used in conjunction with Unlock Schedules to prevent doors from automatically unlocking without prior entry of an authorized user.
 SmartLock Pro also supports a Timed Anti-Passback feature. Each controller can be programmed with a time interval from 1 to 255 minutes that will deny access to cards which are used more than once during the interval. This deters cardholders from “passing back? their card, particularly in parking applications.
SmartLock Pro controllers can also communicate via LAN/WAN using Cansec?s CanLan TCP/IP Controller. This built-in functionality simplifies remote management and can greatly reduce the installation cost associated with a hard-wired system.  Please contact us for more information.
Integration Capabilities
The integration with several DVR products allows the association of card readers and alarm points to cameras for viewing and control of live cameras, video-linked audit transactions, and video search capabilities all within Cansec’s access control software.  SmartLock Pro?s user friendly interface and low cost make it the ultimate online system for basic access control applications.
Example Installation Schematic Diagram
SmartLock Pro
Features of SmartLock Pro include:
  • Intuitive FREE SmartLock Pro software is easy to learn and use
  • Optional software add-ons include DVR Integration and Attendance Reporting
  • Controller outputs for Electric Lock, Handicap Door Operator and Forced Entry / Door Held Open activation
  • Controller inputs for Request-to-Exit button and door contact
  • 30 Door / 60 Reader Capacity
  • 4,800 User Capacity
  • Real-Time Communications
  • Automatic Door Unlock Schedules
  • Programmable Access Schedules
  • Programmable Access Profiles
  • Programmable Holidays
  • Automatic Cardholder Activation and Deactivation
  • Card Deactivation based on Programmable Usage Count
  • Right-Click Audit for Card Add/Edit
  • Door Alarms via eMail
  • Door Prop facility to allow only authorised cardholders to allow the door to be unlatched by presenting their card to the reader twice without activating alarms
The flexibility of this system offers a wide choice of solutions – please call our Help Centre to discuss your new system requirements and how SmartLock Pro can be your choice for the future!
Manufactured by Cansec Systems Ltd, Ontario, Canada.

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