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17 March 2022

Spotlight On: Brighton CCTV

At Smart R Distribution, we take pride in having the expertise and resources to be able to support you every step of the way when we ‘put the right pieces together’ for your next electronic security project.

One of the south coast’s fastest growing system integrators, Brighton CCTV, recently took our advice and recommended to a major hotel group that they take advantage of the latest video surveillance technology built into Wisenet 2-megapixel QND-6012R IR dome cameras to create a safe and secure environment for guests and employees at one their prestigious hotels in London.

Brighton CCTV subsequently sourced 100 of the cameras, which are manufactured by Hanwha Vision (formally Hanwha Techwin), from Smart R Distribution and with no previous experience of configuring Wisenet models, took advantage of our knowledge to have some hands-on training.

“It was a great example of teamwork”, said Christopher Dean, Director of Brighton CCTV. “Working to about 11.30pm and with help from the Smart R team, we were able to set up all hundred cameras in just one day to ensure they would meet our end-user client’s requirements.

“As a new Smart R customer, we place a high value on their willingness to provide a level of support that goes way beyond what you might normally expect to receive from a distributor. Smart R’s reputation for being far more than a ‘box shifter’ is more than justified”.

Our highly trained pre-sales and technical teams are just one phone call away whenever you need objective advice on your next electronic security project. You can shop our full range of Video Surveillance and CCTV products.

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