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Smart R Stand-Alone Proximity Access Control Systems
The convenience of PROX technology for one door!
GSD Standalone 1-Door Proximity and Keypad System

GSD Standalone 1-Door Proximity and Keypad System

GSD Standalone 1-Door "PIN & PROX" System
Proximity Card & PIN Access Control
 - Works With GSD, ACT, Paxton and HID Cards

This is a highly engineered 'Standalone' 1-Door access control system with a robust polycarbonate housing to deliver a fast and easy installation.. The unit is IP67 rated suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be surface or flush mounted. The stainless steel keypad features an integral backlight to ensure easy operation in low light levels.
  • Monitors and controls 1 door with up to 1000 users
  • 4 Levels of operation: PIN only, Card only, PIN and Card, Group PIN and Card
  • User code length selectable: 4, 5 or 6 digits
  • Audible feedback in operation or optional silent mode
  • Tamper Detection and relay output
  • Adjustable door unlock time
  • Adjustable door held open time
  • Anti-Tailgate feature shortens lock time when a door is opened instead of waiting for time-out to re-lock
  • Interlock Capability (for connection with a second unit)
  • Duress Code Facility to fire second relay output when a user unlocks the door under duress
  • Invalid PIN lockout. Disables the keypad for a preset period after 3 consecutive incorrect PINs are entered
  • Intruder Alarm Input prevents cardholders from opening a door if they are not an alarm keyholder
  • Programmable backlight for keypad aids operation in low light levels
  • Robust IP67 rated polycarbonate housing with stainless steel keys
  • Door toggle facility allows the door to be switched to free access for as long as required
  • Mounts onto standard UK / EU electrical Patress box
  • 12 / 24V DC operation with 5A relay to control almost any locking system

Item Qty To Buy List Price
GSDS-1PP 1-Door PIN & PROX Standalone System £141.56

HID Edge EVO Solo Web Based Standalone Access Control System

HID Edge EVO Solo Web Based Standalone Access Control System

Edge EVO Solo TCP/IP Single Door Controller

HID's Edge Solo is a superbly featured Single Reader Controller administered using on-board web browser based software to accept any Industry Standard (wiegand or clock and data interface) reader.
To simplify installation the Edge range of products are POE (power over ethernet) and provides up to 500mA to power a locking device without the need for a dedicated local power supply.
Edge EVO Solo is an Edge Controller with an integral iCLASS reader for speedy and economical installation.
Edge Plus EVO Solo offers the same functionality as Edge Solo but instead of having an integral R40 or RP40 reader and the door control relays on the "insecure" side of the door the Edge Plus Solo allows you to choose any reader with a wiegand output at the door.  This also allows the controller to be installed up to 150m from the reader in a secure location (Smart R Top Tip!)
By connecting the Edge Solo to the internet via a TCP/IP connection the system manager or maintenance engineer can add, delete and change cards and manage system features from any location in the World so long as you have access to the internet and know the IP address, user name and password.
With no need to visit site to control/administer the system could we foresee a time when service engineers can work from the beach? 
Book me a hammock in Hawaii!

Item Qty To Buy List Price
83000 HID Edge EVO Plus Solo Controller Only £350.00
83120xKI HID Edge EVO Solo with reader, 4 input, 2 output £395.00
83120xKL HID Edge EVO Solo with reader, & single lock output module £345.00
83125 HID EdgeReader Solo with RP40 Multi-Technology Reader £435.00
83360 HID Edge EVO Solo EWM-M Hi-o to wiegand module £88.00

DG500 Standalone Proximity & Keypad System

DG500 Standalone Proximity & Keypad System

DG500 Standalone Proximity And/Or PIN Single-Door System for up to 500 Users
vandal resistant proximity card and keypad access control unit suitable for external applications.  The unit accepts up to 500 users and provides entry via the use of proximity cards and/or PIN codes.
  • Up to 500 users
  • PIN only or Card only - built-in proximity reader and keypad
  • Robust metal construction
  • Surface mount
  • SECURE mode allows "Card and PIN" operation
  • Compatible with 125 KHz 26-bit EM Proximity Cards
  • Illuminated keys
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Multi-Colour LEDs provide visual confirmation of system status
  • Dry contact input for Request-To-Exit (REX) button
  • Door unlock period configurable from 1 - 99 seconds
  • Programming is carried out via the built-in keypad
  • Power Requirements: 12 VDC @ 130mA (40mA on standby)
  • Two relay outputs:
    • Door relay changeover contact  NO- COM – NC rated at 5A @ 12 VDC
    • Auxilliary relay changeover contact NO- COM – NC rated at 5A @ 12 VDC
  • Nominal dimensions: 120mm x 76mm x 27mm
  • Weight: 430g

Item Qty To Buy List Price
SR1-DG-500 Standalone Proximity & Keypad System £89.00

MIFARE 1000/VRSA Standalone Proximity & Keypad System

MIFARE 1000/VRSA Standalone Proximity & Keypad System

MIFARE 1000/VRSA Standalone MIFARE Card and/or PIN Single-Door System for up to 2000 Users
The MIFARE 1000/VRSA is a vandal resistant MIFARE contactless card and keypad access control unit suitable for both internal and external applications. This aesthetically pleasing and robust unit features an attractive satin-finish metal enclosure and provides entry via MIFARE contactless smart cards and/or PIN codes for up to 2000 users.
This system is particularly ideal for sites where MIFARE cards are already in use (photocopy control etc) and standalone access control is required to operate with the same cards.
  • Standalone single-door access control
  • 2000 users
  • Card only, PIN only or Card & PIN operation
  • 12VDC operation
  • Vandal resistant robust metal case (satin chrome finish)
  • IP67 potted electronics - suitable for outdoor use
  • 26-Bit Wiegand output for interfacing with other systems
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Surface mount
  • Compatible with standard MIFARE cards
  • Multi-colour LED provides visual indication of system status
  • Inputs for request-to-exit button and door monitor contact
  • Internal alarm sounder for "Door Forced" and "Door Ajar" alarms
  • Integral bell-push button for connection to an external door-bell system

Power Requirement: 12 VDC ±10% @ 30mA (in standby mode)
Card Technology: MIFARE contactless card
Dimensions: 123mm (H) x 81mm (W) x 21mm (D)
Weight: 620 g
Connection Type: Pigtail
Door Open Time: 01 - 99 Seconds (Selectable)
Door Control Ouput: SPDT relay - 3A contacts
Operating Environment: -25°C to 60°C 10%-90% ambient humidity


Item Qty To Buy List Price
MIFARE 1000/VRSA Standalone Proximity & Keypad System £150.00

EntryProx™ 125 KHz Single-Door System

EntryProx™ 125 KHz Single-Door System

EntryProx™ Single-Door Proximity Card Access Control System for up to 2000 users
The integral reader antenna can be detached and mounted indoors or outdoors up to 10 feet away from the control unit if required.
The unit can be easily configured to become a standard proximity reader by switching it to Wiegand output mode, allowing it to connect to an OEM door controller if upgrading to a networked system in the future.

The ADA-compliant 12-position keypad features large white-on-black numbers, enabling PIN entry or programming, with optional audio feedback and a raised dot on the 5 key. For extra security, EntryProx's keypad incorporates the "invalid PIN" lockout feature, preventing unauthorized trial-and-error PIN code entry.

The reader also features faster programming, enabling end-users to batch load up to 2,000 HID proximity cards or keytags, in any format up to 37 bits, by entering a single keypad command sequence. A "Block Delete" feature allows for efficient badge administration by deleting a sequential range of cards/keytags from the EntryProx by user-location. 
  • Dimensions: 133.3mm x 69.8mm x 41mm
  • 10 - 15 VDC operating voltage (reverse voltage protected)
  • Recommended linear power supply rating: 150 mA @ 12 VDC
  • Two "Form C" output relays ("Strike" and "Aux") - each rated at 1A @ 30 VDC
  • Two monitor inputs - "Door Open" and "Request To Exit"

Item Qty To Buy List Price
4045CGN00 EntryProx™ 125 KHz Single-Door System £195.00
4045CGC00 EntryProx™ Kit With 20 Cards £245.00
4045CGK00 EntryProx™ Kit With 10 ProxKey III Tags £245.00

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