Comelit-PAC 8451V 1-Way 2-Wire Video Entry Kit with “Hands Free” Wi-Fi Monitor

Enhance your home security and convenience with the feature-packed Comelit-PAC 8451V. This pre-programmed kit offers clear video intercom, remote access, and hands-free communication through a Wi-Fi enabled monitor, all on a simple 2-wire installation.

The “MINI WiFi” colour monitor lets you answer the door and communicate with visitors from anywhere via the free Comelit phone app for iOS and Android. Access recorded video clips (10s) of missed callers remotely. Plus, enjoy Alexa integration for effortless voice control.

Kit Components:

  • Quadra series external video entry unit: Features wide-angle camera, night vision, and call status indicators.
  • Mini hands-free Wi-Fi monitor: Answer calls, view video, and unlock doors remotely.
  • DIN-rail power supply: Provides power to the entire system.
  • Distribution & line closure terminals: Ensure proper wiring connections.

Full Description

Comelit-PAC 8451V: Secure & Connected Video Entry (1-Way, 2-Wire)

Enhance your home security and convenience with the Comelit-PAC 8451V 1-Way 2-Wire Video Entry Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide homeowners, property managers, and security installers with a seamless solution for video intercom and remote access control.

The Comelit-PAC 8451V utilises a simple 2-wire installation, making use of existing wiring infrastructure to minimise disruption during setup. With its high-definition video and wide-angle view capabilities, you can clearly see and identify visitors at your doorstep, ensuring enhanced security for your property.

One of the standout features of this kit is its hands-free communication functionality, allowing you to converse with visitors conveniently without the need to physically touch the monitor. Additionally, the inclusion of a Wi-Fi enabled monitor enables remote access via a dedicated smartphone app, empowering you to answer calls, view live video feeds, and even unlock doors from anywhere, providing unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

Furthermore, the Comelit-PAC 8451V offers recorded missed calls, capturing 10-second video clips for added security and assurance. Its modern and sleek design adds a touch of style to any home or small building, complementing various architectural aesthetics seamlessly.

The kit comes pre-programmed and ready to use immediately after installation, saving you time and effort. Components include the Quadra series external video entry unit with features like a wide-angle camera, night vision capabilities, and call status indicators, along with a mini hands-free Wi-Fi monitor, DIN-rail power supply, and distribution & line closure terminals for proper wiring connections.

Ideal for single-family homes, apartments, small offices, and retail spaces, the Comelit-PAC 8451V offers versatility and functionality for various applications. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing intercom system or install a new one with added features and remote access capabilities, this kit delivers unparalleled performance and convenience.

For added compatibility and ease of use, the Comelit-PAC 8451V is compatible with specific smartphones and operating systems, ensuring seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem. Additionally, warranty information and comprehensive technical support are provided to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Experience the next level of home security and connectivity with the Comelit-PAC 8451V 1-Way 2-Wire Video Entry Kit.

Key Features:

  • Simple 2-wire installation: Leverages existing wiring for minimal disruption and easy setup.
  • HD video with wide-angle view: See visitors clearly through the high-resolution camera.
  • Hands-free communication: Converse with visitors conveniently without touching the monitor.
  • Remote access with Wi-Fi app: Answer calls, view video, and unlock doors from anywhere.
  • Recorded missed calls: Capture 10-second video clips for added security and peace of mind.
  • Modern design: Stylish and sleek aesthetic for homes and small buildings.
  • Pre-programmed: Ready to use immediately after installation, saving time and effort.


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Product Specifications



Protection Rating

IK08, IP54

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 55°C

Output Relays



ABS, Aluminium Alloy, Polycarbonate

Power Requirement




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