SR1-THB-600 Series Transom Housings for SR1-MAG-600M range of mortice maglocks

Architectural Transom Housings – a?more aesthetically pleasing way to conceal?maglocks
1 Metre and 2 Metre transom housings with cut-outs for?our?SR1-MAG-600M series of mortice maglocks.
  • 1000mm or 2000m lengths available – for single or double doors
  • Suitable for the?SR1-MAG-600MORT or SR1-MAG-600MM mortice maglocks
  • Versions available for?vertical or horizontal installation
  • Versions for?vertical mounting of single or pairs of magnets?also available
??Length Maglock Cut-outs
Door Status Monitoring
Number Positioning
SR1-THB-600M1 1 Metre 1 End H Single Door
SR1-THB-600M2 2 Metre 1 Off Centre
V or?H
Vertical 1-door installation or?opening leaf of double doors
SR1-THB-600DMDD 2 Metre 2 Near Centre H Double Doors
SR1-THB-600DMSD 2 Metre 2 Each End V Single door requiring 2 maglocks
SR1-THB-600-DMDDM 2 Metre 2 Near Centre H Yes Double Doors

Product Specifications

Weight 2000 g

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