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A-KEYPAD Wall Switch Reader Range with touch-sensitive keypad

A-KEYPAD Wall Switch Reader Range with touch-sensitive keypad

A-KEYPAD Wall Switch Reader With Keypad

The A-KEYPAD range of readers is designed for wall or post mounting fits on a single gang US, UK EU wallswitch and is tuned to work well when mounted on metal.
The reader has an attractive high gloss black finish with multi-colour OLED backlit keypad which changes colour of the OLED illumination and beeper for audible and visible user feedback.
As standard the reader illuminates in blue and beeps and flashes on any card read. Audible/visual and message feedback may be customised to suit your requirement.
The A-KEYPAD reader range is available in a choice of versions to suit your choice of card technology including:
  • A-KEYPAD-125, 125KHz Proximity Technology, reads EM, Authenticard and HID proximity cards and tags.
  • A-KEYPAD-CSN, 13.56MHz Contactless Smart Card Technology, reads the 56 bit UID from any Mifare or DESFire card/tag
  • A-KEYPAD-MHS, 13.56MHz Contactless Smart Card Technology, reads encoded data stored in a high security sector of a Mifare card/tag (matching keys will be required).
  • A-KEYPAD-EV1, 13.56MHz Contactless Smart Card Technology reads the UID of any Mifare or DESfire card/tag and will read encoded data stored in a high security sector of a programmed DESfire card/tag (matching keys will be required).

Item Qty To Buy List Price
A-KEYPAD-125 Reader with keypad to read 125kHZ proximity card/tag £110.00
A-KEYPAD-CSN Reader with Keypad to read CSN from Mifare/DESfire/ISO14443 card/tag £135.00
A-KEYPAD-MHS Mifare Sector Reader with keypad and Display £139.99
A-KEYPAD-EV1 High Security DESfire EV1 Sector / UID Reader with Keypad £169.99
A-KEYPAD-DF High Security Dual Frequency (13.56mHz & 125kHz proximity) Reader with Keypad £175.00

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