Comelit SK9001I SimpleKey Advanced Reader For IKALL Panels


Central stand-alone module + MIFARE® reader for fitting into Comelit housing.

  • Watertight PVC housing
  • Capacity: 1400 badges per module
  • Programming: Badges enrolled using PC software and USB encoder
  • Adjustable timer: 1 – 60 seconds, preset to 5 seconds
  • LED indicator for operation and diagnostics
  • 800 event history
  • Option for “pass” transmitters and to manage primary and secondary doors
  • 1 entrance and 1 exit alarm
  • 12-24 V AC/DC power requirement

Full Description

The Comelit SK9001I serves as a stand-alone reader module, that is compatible with the Comelit SimpleKey Advanced access control system. Operating as a Mifare reader, it functions with 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. Impressively, the SK9001I can accommodate up to 1400 cards and retain records of up to 800 events. Moreover, it features an adjustable timer with a range from 1 to 60 seconds.

This reader module is built to endure various environmental challenges, boasting a watertight and vandal-resistant design. Crafted from high-quality materials, it is further supported by a reassuring one-year warranty.

Mifare Technology

The SK9001I SimpleKey Advanced Reader offers a formidable solution for secure and efficient access control through its utilisation of Mifare technology, renowned for its robustness and reliability in the realm of contactless smart card technology. Mifare cards, integral to this system, are notably challenging to counterfeit, and their adaptability for individualised credential programming renders the SK9001I particularly well-suited for businesses seeking stringent access management and educational institutions aiming to monitor student attendance with precision.

Ease of installation and utilisation further enhance the appeal of the SK9001I. Its straightforward setup is facilitated through a mounting bracket included with the device, permitting wall or door frame installation. Its user-friendly interface simplifies programming and operation, rendering it an excellent choice for organisations and businesses new to the intricacies of access control systems.

Beyond its simplicity, the SK9001I boasts a durable and reliable construction, constructed from top-quality materials. Engineered to withstand the demands of daily use, it exhibits resistance to water and vandalism, thus safeguarding your security system from both environmental elements and tampering. This durability makes it the ideal selection for entities requiring an access control system capable of withstanding the harshest conditions.

Quality That You Can Trust

Finally, the SK9001I is fortified by a comprehensive one-year warranty, assuring users of its reliability and support. In the event of any malfunction within the first year of purchase, the SK9001I is eligible for free repair or replacement. This warranty instils confidence in users, knowing they are protected by a dependable guarantee, thereby offering peace of mind and reinforcing the SK9001I’s reputation as a trustworthy choice.

Key Features

  • Mifare reader for seamless card access
  • Capable of holding up to 1400 cards
  • Records and stores a maximum of 800 events
  • Adjustable timer (1-60 seconds)
  • Resistant to water and vandalism
  • Crafted from top-quality materials
  • Backed by a one-year warranty


Product Specifications

Dimensions 62 × 88 × 23 mm




Manufacturer's Datasheet

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