M1A Series Euro-Style Electric Strike with Adjustable Jaw – Fail Safe or Secure Option

The Euro electric release with adjustable jaw offers a practical and secure solution for access control in various internal environments. This fail-secure design prioritises security, while the adjustable jaw ensures a smooth installation process. With its versatility and affordability, the Euro electric release is a valuable addition to access control systems for internal doors.

Key Features:

  • Fail-Secure Operation: Ensures the door remains locked in the event of power loss, enhancing security for your premises. (Please note: This model is recommended for low-security internal use.)
  • Adjustable Jaw: Allows for precise alignment with the door strike plate, ensuring proper lock engagement.
  • Euro Style Release: Compatible with standard Euro-profile mortice or rim locks for a versatile application.
  • Voltage: 12V AC or *DC (*Please note that this “fail-safe” version is suitable for use with DC current only due to the construction of the operating solenoid)
  • Mortice or Rim Fitting: Provides installation flexibility for different door setups.
  • Outward Opening Rim Release Option: Suitable for use with outward-opening rim doors (available upon request).
  • Current: 1.1A & 250 mA (*Fail Safe Option)
  • Includes suppression

Full Description

Enhance Security and Convenience with a Versatile Electric Release Solution

The Euro electric release with adjustable jaw offers a dependable and user-friendly option for access control in various internal applications. This fail-secure electric strike, designed for 12VAC operation, provides a secure locking mechanism that integrates seamlessly with existing door systems.

Fail-Secure Operation

This Euro electric release with adjustable jaw prioritises security during power outages. Without power, the release mechanism remains locked, preventing unauthorised access. Power is required to unlock it. This fail-secure design ensures that even in emergencies, security isn’t compromised.

Fail-Safe Operation

The fail safe Euro electric release with adjustable jaw is unlocked when there is no power. The system needs to apply constant power to the release to put it into its locked state – and momentarily disrupt power when access is desired. This ensures that, in the event of power failure, the release will unlock to allow access / egress e.g. building evacuation – and so make its operation “safe”.

Benefits of Euro Electric Release with Adjustable Jaw:

  • Enhanced Security: Fail-secure design offers peace of mind by automatically locking the door when power is lost.
  • Simple Installation: Adjustable jaw simplifies alignment for a smooth installation process.
  • Versatile Application: Compatible with Euro-style mortice and rim locks for broader use.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Provides a reliable access control option for internal doors.
  • Improved Convenience: Enables electronic door access control for added functionality.

Ideal Applications:

  • Office Buildings: Secure access control for office doors and restricted areas.
  • Retail Stores: Control access to staff areas and stockrooms.
  • Public Buildings: Manage entry points in schools, libraries, and other public facilities.
  • Apartment Buildings: Enhance security for common areas and individual apartments.


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Product Specifications

Weight 500 g

Smart R Distribution

Form Factor

Electric Strike

Connection type

Terminal connection

Power Requirement

12 VAC, 12 VDC

Safety Features

Fail-Safe, Fail-Secure

Lock Style



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