NBS Javelin J1000i Re-Transfer Card Printer

Full Description

This high speed, high resolution retransfer technology allows for full color brilliance as well as full bleed images.

Colors are vibrant, images are crisp and quality is second to none. ID cards printed on the J1000i? Card Printer produces the highest image quality available. The retransfer process uses dye sublimation to print a high-resolution image in reverse directly onto the film base. The printer then thermally transfers the image and film onto the card surface through heat and pressure which thermally bonds it to the card surface creating an image quality that looks more like a sharp glossy photo than an ordinary ID badge.

Printing on film instead of directly on the card means that the uneven surface of technology cards doesn?t compromise image quality. It?s high quality at value pricing.

Superior quality, high efficiency, and high speed in a small footprint allows for the J1000i to compete in a wide range of markets because of its flexibility and price point.


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